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TribalWars 2 - Review

By   2018-01-12

While quite a few browser strategy games get lost in confusing complexity, developer "InnoGames" relies on tried and tested, perfectly coordinated gameplay with the hit "Tribal Wars 2".


A mini-tutorial shows the direction

In a medieval setting, the player initially takes on the task of building a small village. The raw materials required for this accumulate in typical genre over time. In addition, the memories are filled with the completion of simple quests. Raids against the surrounding AI villages also help. The battles themselves are only listed as statistics and therefore only require strategic skills in planning. After the short tutorial and about half an hour of playing time it's clear: Complex is different.


PVP culture 

But the game doesn't want to be complex at all. In this case, the immense gaming fun does not develop from innumerable possibilities, but from the coherently implemented PVP concept. Tribal Wars 2 "fully relies on multiplayer confrontation where strategy games are played more side by side than together. In order to obtain resources for their own villages, attacks on other player villages are the most lucrative moves and summon PVP battles from the outset. 

If you make the mistake of messing with a player who is in a powerful guild, you will get a problem - or join an organized village community. In the best MMO sense, single players in "Tribal Wars 2" are therefore in a lost position.


Savings foxes get their money's worth

Graphically, the game moves at best at an average genre level and has only a few semi-dynamic views to offer. However, this contributes to clarity and is therefore not a real weak point.

Not surprisingly, all players are given the opportunity to bridge the ever-expanding waiting times for building extensions with real money. In contrast to most other genre colleagues,"Tribal Wars 2" can be played into the final game without any monetary investment. Strategically trained and patient players remain competitive even free of charge.



With Tribal Wars2 the Publisher InnoGames offers something like the purist PVP experience among browser strategy games. Without superfluous graphical or content-related appendages, the game moves immensely close to the multiplayer core of the genre and doesn't take a long time to get used to. We say: A very hot tip for PVP fans - but a real nightmare for singleplayer players!

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