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Elvenar - Browsergame Review

By   2018-01-06

Browser building strategy games have long been an established genre in the global gaming landscape and basically have only one big enemy: the genre itself. It's not that easy to differentiate yourself from countless competing products, and developers are increasingly confronted with major problems.

Nice game = good game?

With "Elvenar", the browser game expert InnoGames sets unmistakably on the graphic component. The fantasy game impresses at first glance with a detailed engine and, with its colourful world of games, is one of the most atmospheric representatives of its guild. The first (supposedly) far-reaching decision for the player is already on the agenda in the first minutes. It has to be decided whether one's own realm is to accommodate technology-oriented people or magical elves. Apart from the graphical representation and less differences in the battle system, both sides play the same game.

Whether fairy kingdom or human empire: the first houses can finally be placed, the first goods produced and the first products sold on the market. The obligatory tutorial helps the player to get a good grip through the first tasks and gives even genre beginners a quick overview. Once the village to be managed has reached a certain size, military units appear on the plan, which must be led into battle in a well-known hex-round strategy against the AI, in order to be able to put into action the expansion plans cherished from the beginning of the game.

Parallel to nowhere

And then what? And then there's not so much left. Although "Elvenar" comes along in the guise of a multiplayer game, the single player is clearly in the foreground. It is true that guilds can be founded and messages can be exchanged via a rudimentary communication system. However, the browser game does not allow for "playing together". Rather, the cities exist alongside and do not influence each other in their extent.

What is more, the long waiting times to complete new buildings or produce goods are also noticeable. These times can be shortened with the cheerful use of real money and quickly turn the Free2Play title into a Pay2Play game.


Once the joy of the graphic splendour has been processed,"Elvenar" reveals its true face after only a few hours of playtime. Exaggerated waiting times, lack of multiplayer interaction and doubtful long-term motivation unfortunately ensure that the game fits into the almost innumerable series of mediocre browser building strategy games and, above all, genre connoisseurs are unlikely to be in a mood for much longer than the tutorial. So we say:"Elvenar" is definitely worth a look for beginners. For experienced gamers, however, there is clearly a lack of content and game depth.

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